The Michael Slate Show, April 22, 2016

This week's show examines the right to abortion, a fundamental human right, a right that is under fire. 

Living in the Crosshairs

David S. Cohen, co-author along with Krysten Connon of Living in the Crosshairs, The Untold Stories of Anti-Abortion Terrorism, will talk about the lives of abortion providers in the US, and the kinds of attacks they are the targets of, day after day. 

"Because of their work, abortion providers have been murdered, shot, kidnapped, assaulted, stalked, and subjected to death threats. Their clinics have been bombed, attacked with noxious chemicals invaded, vandalized, burglarized, and set ablaze.... Partly as a result of this terrorism, medical facilities providing abortion services have decreased by almost 40% since 1982, 89% of counties in the United States have no abortion provider, and only 14% of obstetrician gynecologists perform the procedure." 
-- From the Preface to Living in the Crosshairs, The Untold Stories of Anti-Abortion Terrorism.

David Cohen is a law professor at Drexel University Thomas R. Kline School of Law, where he teaches constitutional law and gender and the law.


"Dry Land," A Play by Ruby Rae Spiegel

Michael Slate is joined by the Director, Alana Dietze, and the two principal actors, Connor Kelly-Eiding and Teagan Rose, of the haunting new play, "Dry Land." 

A high school senior discovers she is pregnant. She knows if she doesn't get an abortion, all her plans and dreams for her life will be over. But with no money, unable to tell her parents, she is forced to resort to desperate measures. This is the world that young women in America are trapped in as clinics disappear and anti-abortion stigma grows. 

Set in the locker room of a central Florida high school, "Dry Land" is a haunting new play about female friendship, abortion, and just being a young woman in America. From the Echo Theater Company, written by Ruby Rae Spiegel, it's a deeply truthful portrait of the fears, hopes and bonds of teenage women - as gut-wrenching as it is funny. 




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