Michael Slate is a revolutionary communist and the host of The Michael Slate Show, a weekly interview based talk show on KPFK  Los Angeles - 90.7 FMand Santa Barbara -  98.7 FM. The show, hosted and produced by Slate, has aired on KPFK since 2002, and can be heard Fridays at 10 am Pacific Time. It is rebroadcast by over a dozen other stations around the US.  

As a correspondent for the newspaper Revolution, Slate traveled to South Africa as the only revolutionary journalist from the US to report from inside the heart of the rebellion during the uprisings of the 1980’s. The late South African journalist and author Donald Woods described Slate’s coverage of the South African rebellions War Stories  as “a monumental feat of reportage from the world’s hottest cauldron of contention.” Slate's work forms a significant part of the foundation of the Black Consciousness Movement (South Africa/Azania) collection in the New York Public Library’s Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture.

He covered the Chiapas Rebellion in 1994 from the mountain towns and villages of southern Mexico. In 2005 he traveled to Sri Lanka to report on the aftermath of the tsunami in South Asia, preparation for his later  coverage of the Hurricane Katrina aftermath in New Orleans for KPFK radio.  Inside the US, Slate has reported on many of the urban rebellions of the 1980’s and 1990’s, including unparalleled reportage on the 1992 Los Angeles Rebellion. 

See the world in relation to the emancipation of Humanity
— Michael Slate

In addition to Revolution, Slate's writing was included in the anthology American Protest Literature (Zoe Trodd, Harvard University Press)  as well as  Africa: Opposing Viewpoints published by Greenhaven Press.  In addition, his work has appeared in The San Jose Mercury NewsThe Oakland Tribune, The Long Beach Press Telegram, The Rocky Mountain News, and Pacific News Service. 

In 2000 Slate also wrote the widely praised booklet on the criminalization of the hip-hop generation that accompanied the Unbound Project, a hip-hop compilation CD inspired by Mumia Abu Jamal. From 1999 to 2000 Slate worked as Music Supervisor for the 13 part PBS Television series Senior Year, directed by David Zeiger and was also an Associate Producer and Music Supervisor for the award winning documentary Sir! No Sir!, the story of GI resistance during the Vietnam War, also directed by David Zeiger.

Since 1995 Slate has frequently written articles on film, music, theater and visual arts. In both print and radio, Michael Slate has interviewed some of the most significant artists, scholars, scientists and activists of our times including writers Ngugi wa Thiong’o, Michelle Alexander, Alice Goffman, Sonia Sanchez, Douglas Blackmon, Ilan Pappe and Ursula Le Guin; musicians David Crosby, Wayne Kramer, Horace Tapscott, Oscar Brown Jr., Rickie Lee Jones, and Los Tigres del Norte; filmmakers Oliver Stone, Robert M. Young, Morgan Neville, Eugene Jarecki, Hubert Sauper and Stanley Nelson; scientists Michael Mann, Richard Dawkins, and PZ Myers; public intellectuals Richard Falk and Henry Giroux; and two interviews with the visual artist Banksy (including one hour long interview- not yet published or broadcast- with Banksy after an afternoon spent showing Banksy around South Central LA and Watts).