And Then the World Blew Up, with Mr. Fish, + Basilisa Alonso, DACA Recipients Demand #NoDreamNoDeal

Mr. Fish, And Then the World Blew Up, a Conversation with the Artist


"People are insufficiently panicked about the state of the world...missing all obvious proofs that we're in a shitload of trouble." 

--Mr Fish.

We'll first hear a conversation with cartoonist, author and provocateur Mr. Fish, also known as Dwayne Booth, about his newest work, And Then the World Blew Up. It's an an incendiary, disturbingly hilarious, deeply personal, take-no-prisoners response to the "dumb, brute reality of Donald Trump's America" and American exceptionalism. The Miami Herald described Mr. Fish as "a revolutionary with a sketch pad, a courageous truth-teller, brilliantly illustrating the world's insanity."

Dreamers Demand Dream Act Now! Eight Arrested Sitting In at Congress

DACA protest DC.jpg

NOTE: Since this interview, the eight people arrested have been released from jail, and people continue to protest and demand the Dream Act. For more, go to

We'll hear an interview with Basilisa Alonso, a volunteer with the Our Dream Coalition, on the arrest of seven Dreamers and one supporter demanding a Dream Act now! Immigrants who came to the US without papers as babies or young children received Delayed Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, in 2012. Trump ended DACA in September, and despite non-stop promises from both Republicans and Democrats in Congress, the 800,000 DACA immigrants are losing their status and facing deportation to countries they have never known. Eight courageous protesters, including seven DACA recipients and one supporter, were arrested while sitting in at congressional offices demanding that Members of Congress block any spending bill that does not include a clean DREAM Act.