Ellen Schrecker: Trump, McCarthyism & the University; Sunsara Taylor, Updated Call to Action from Refuse Fascism

Ellen Schrecker on Trump, McCarthyism and the University

In a recent interview on the Professor "Watchlist", historian Ellen Schrecker said, One just hopes that the academic community doesn't fold. It did fold in the 1950s. Professor emerita of American history at Yeshiva University, Ellen Schrecker is a leading authority on McCarthyism whose many books include Many Are the Crimes: McCarthyism in America and No Ivory Tower: McCarthyism in the Universities. Schrecker is the former editor of the American Association of University Professors magazine, Academe. She has been called "the dean of the anti-anti-Communist historians."

In the Name of Humanity,

We REFUSE to Accept a Fascist America!

Drive Out the Trump/Pence Regime!

Refuse Fascism recently released an updated version of the call to action. It begins, "The Trump/Pence Regime is a Fascist Regime. Not insult or exaggeration, this is what it is. For the future of humanity and the planet, we, the people, must drive this regime out."

We'll talk with Sunsara Taylor, writer for revcom.us and initiator of Refuse Fascism.