Hitler, Trump and the Rise of Fascism, and the Slow Murder of a Powerful Film

Claudia Koonz on the Rise of Fascism in Germany, and Recent Developments in the US.

Claudia Koonz, a historian of Nazi Germany, is the author of Mothers in the FatherlandThe Nazi Conscience, and other works. We'll be talking about the rise and consolidation of fascism in the past with an eye on the recent developments in the US and the threat of the consolidation of a fascist government here.

In remarks about The Nazi Conscience, Claudia Koonz poses the question, "How does it happen that citizens who consider themselves deeply moral can believe that some of their fellow citizens embody a danger so lethal that they must be eliminated?" Her work lays bare the horrors unleashed by the Nazis -- and how so many "good Germans" stood by, waited, and became complicit in these horrors. 

A transcript of the entire interview with Claudia Koonz is now available at revcom.us.

"Sophie and the Rising Sun," a Conversation with Writer-Director Maggie Greenwald

Maggie Greenwald, Filmmaker, Writer and Director, talks about her most recent film, "Sophie and the Rising Sun." The film tells the story of a young Asian man who was beaten by white thugs in New York City and left unconscious on a southbound bus. He is eventually left in the road, unconscious and broke in a small southern town. With the bombing of Pearl Harbor in 1941 the mans life hangs by a thread and everyone else is confronted by a big moral question "What will you do when confronted by a terrible injustice -- right the wrong or join the mob?" This is a powerful and disturbing film which has fought for every inch of its life in the year it has been out in the world.