Defend the Freeway 9 and Refuse Fascism; #Freeway9 Lawyer Damon Alimouri; Playwright Geraldine Inoa, "Scraps"

Defend the #Freeway9 and Refuse Fascism

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Chantelle and Coco Das on The Freeway 9. On June 28th, a mistrial was declared in the case against two Refuse Fascism and Revolution Club members who were part of two separate groups that shut down the 101 freeway in Los Angeles with a 50-foot banner demanding the Trump/Pence regime must go in late 2017. The very next court day, the City Attorney doubled down and announced that they would re-try the defendants, even though a large majority of the jurors refused to convict. We'll speak withChantelle, one of the Freeway 9, andCoco Das,a contributing editor to, about the significance of the attacks on Refuse Fascism.

Plus, an interview with Damon Alimouri, the lawyer for one of the Freeway 9 on the case, and why he got involved.

Geraldine Inoa, Scraps


The New York Times wrote about Scraps, "Geraldine Inoas bracing and intense new play Scraps is about lives cut short by police violence, and the cataclysmic harm those killings do to the people left behind. But its also about the asphyxiating constriction of living while black in a society whose notions of acceptable behavior hinge on race: a narrow set of rules for black people, a far more forgiving one for whites."