Travis Morales: Hurricane Harvey, A Natural Disaster, the Crisis of a System

Travis Morales Reporting from Houston


On August 25, Hurricane Harvey tore into the Texas Gulf Coast. This storm, and the unprecedented deluge of rain, brought a catastrophe of mammoth proportions. Thousands of homes were destroyed or severely damaged, along with crucial infrastructure. Millions of people’s lives have been thrown into a desperate struggle for survival. Many of these people are poor Chicano, immigrant, and Black people who have worked on the docks and refineries of the area, or toiled in the rice, cotton, and cane fields, or been relegated to dilapidated urban slums and unincorporated rural colonias. Or, people already living on the edge in Houston, including thousands of homeless people. 

Travis Morales, a writer for Revolution/, has been in Houston since before the hurricane began. He'll talk about why this is a crime of the system, what's going on among the people, and how a socialist system would respond to natural disasters.