Futures Clash at the Conventions

Joey Johnson on Burning the American Flag at the RNC

Joey Johnson Burning the American Flag Outside the RNC

Joey Johnson Burning the American Flag Outside the RNC

We'll talk with Joey Johnson about burning the American flag at the Republican National Convention (RNC), in his first radio interview since being released from jail. Wednesday, July 20, in the face of the toxic chauvinism and reactionary ideas of all stripes coming out of the RNC, and surrounded by scores of cops and a whole zoo s worth of fascist lunatics, some of them openly brandishing weapons, something fresh and positive happened as Joey Johnson, backed up by members of the Revolution Club, set aflame the American flag. 

They were immediately attacked by police and 17 were arrested. But images of the flag burning spread around the world. Joey Johnson won the Supreme Court case Texas v. Johnson after he burned the American flag outside the Dallas RNC in 1984, and established burning the US flag as a protected form of free expression. 

Carl Dix on the Conventions, Clinton & Trump

and the Protests

Carl Dix in Public Square, Cleveland, During the RNC

Carl Dix in Public Square, Cleveland, During the RNC

Then we're joined by Carl Dix, of the Revolutionary Communist Party and Stop Mass Incarceration Network. People have big questions and concerns about the RNC, and the Democratic National Convention, and what the future will look like. Carl Dix will talk about the conventions, the protests, and what it means to make an ACTUAL revolution. 

Is There Value to Voting? Can Voting Stop Fascism?

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In a segment we ran earlier, which has taken on new urgency with the RNC, and the Democratic National Convention: Bob Avakian and Cornel West talk about Is there value to voting? Can voting stop fascism? This is an excerpt from Revolution and Religion, The Fight for Emancipation and the Role of Religion, a Dialogue Between Cornel West and Bob Avakian. 

Bob Avakian is the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party. Cornel West is a prominent and provocative democratic intellectual. He is a Professor of Philosophy and Christian Practice at Union Theological Seminary and Professor Emeritus at Princeton University.