Sunsara Taylor, Mueller Investigation Bamboozled You! Trump/Pence Must Go! Plus Richard Falk, The Attack on Gaza

Sunsara Taylor, Mueller Investigation Bamboozled You! Trump/Pence Must Go!


Sunsara Taylor, writer for and co-initiator of Refuse Fascism, joins us to talk about:

The Mueller Investigation diverted, bamboozled, and stupefied people into waiting passively… The Trump/Pence Regime Is More Dangerous Than Ever -- It Must Be Driven From Power By Sustained Mass Protest By the People.

"The long awaited Mueller Investigation resulted in no indictments of the highest level officials of the Trump/ Pence regime and a summary of the report stated that there was no collusion with Russia. This has unleashed the Trump/Pence Regime to go on a full throttle fascist offensive demanding investigations of their opponents, calling for resignations and blacklisting by the media. They are escalating their full program against the people on every front." Read more at

Richard Falk on Israel's deadly bombing of Gaza and the Larger Context


A few days ago, a Palestinian tweeted from Gaza, an outdoor prison where Israel cages 1.8 million Palestinians, without clean water, sufficient food, without any recognition that they are human beings: "Wake the fuck up champions of peace, democracy, human rights and international organizations!!!"

Israel has begun bombarding Gaza again, with high tech, US weapons of mass destruction. They destroy hospitals, schools, water treatment facilities, and the homes of Palestinian people. And they threaten more. This comes at a time when the siege of Gaza is continuing, putting the entire area in danger of becoming uninhabitable. The fascist Trump/Pence regime has openly backed and encouraged the incremental genocide of Palestinians, most recently by recognizing Israel's right to seize territory, the Golan Heights in Syria, by brute military force. Trump recognized the Palestinian city of Jerusalem as the capital of the Israeli settler state. Israel has legalized the theft of Palestinian land by the fascist Zionist land-stealers (called "settlers), in the occupied West Bank, passing the "Regularization of Settlement in Judea and Samaria Law."

For its own part, Israel late last year promulgated a "basic law," the equivalent to a constitutional amendment, officially declaring Israel to be a Jewish theocracy, an act that international law experts call a declaration of apartheid. When Palestinians in Gaza began the Great March of Return, Israel placed a firing squad safely across the fence, where Israeli army assassins have murdered hundreds and wounded thousands. 

And in America, there are renewed efforts, spearheaded by the Democratic Party, to criminalize and suppress any criticism of Israel as anti-Semitism. Yes, where the fuck are the champions of peace, democracy and human rights?

We'll talk about all this with Richard Falk. Richard Falk is the Albert G. Milbank Professor Emeritus of International Law at Princeton University and Visiting Distinguished Professor in Global and International Studies at the University of California, Santa Barbara. He is the former UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian human rights in the occupied territories.