The Disaster of Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court, with Edward Tabash; "Red Clocks"

Edward Tabash, board chair of the Center for Inquiry, on the Extreme Danger for Humanity of Putting Brett Kavanaugh on the Supreme Court

Edward Tabash

Edward Tabash

Edward Tabash recently wrote of the danger represented by the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh (left) to the US Supreme Court, and the need for people to stand up and oppose it. He focuses on Kavanaugh's repeated efforts to allow government to officially promote religion, and end the separation of Church and State. 

Edward Tabash is a Constitutional Lawyer in Los Angeles and Chair of the Board of Directors of the Center for Inquiry. He has filed amicus briefs arguing for the preservation of the separation of church and state with the United States Supreme Court and the California Supreme Court.

Author Leni Zumas, Red Clocks, a Novel Set in an America Where Abortion is Illegal

Red Clocks.jpg

Leni Zumas joins us to talk about her novel, Red Clocks. Set in a dystopian alternative reality where abortion, in-vitro fertilization and other reproductive rights have been abolished. It is a reality that is a few short steps away from the present. It follows the lives of five women in a small Oregon town, examining what it means to be a woman in a world that seeks to constrict and control women's lives based on their biology. 

Leni Zumas is an author and associate professor at Portland State University.