Terrorizing School Children in the American Police State

The beating and arrest of a black student in South Carolina has shone a light on "school resource  officers" -- cops in the classroom -- and their part in the school to prison pipeline for Black and Brown people.

Henry Giroux places this in a larger context of a society where, "schools have become institutions in which creativity is viewed as a threat, harsh discipline a virtue, and punishment the reward for not conforming to what amounts to the dictates of a police state." 

Henry Giroux is McMaster University Professor for Scholarship in the Public Interest and Distinguished Visiting Professor at Ryerson University. Read “Terrorizing School Children in the American Police State,” on CounterPunch.org

Siding with Quentin Tarantino

During the October 24 National March to Stop Police Terror, Michael Slate interviewed Quentin Tarantino on why he was marching, and the importance of Which Side Are You On? and #RiseUpOctober. Justin Chang, Chief Film Critic for Variety, will discuss his opinion piece, "Why Quentin Tarantino Shouldn't Apologize." He noted, "Maybe the real problem isn't what Quentin Tarantino is saying, but that there aren't more people saying it with him." Read Justin Chang's piece at Variety.com