The Paris Attacks

The November 13 terror attacks took the lives of at least 129 ordinary people who were eating in cafes, walking on the street, or attending a concert. The cruel horror of the Paris attacks should be unequivocally denounced. At the same time, the French president declared this an "act of war" and said he would hit back. This threat from France, and the ways in which this attack has taken over the airwaves and political life in the U.S. since it was carried out, are very ominous. We'll talk about this with Alan Goodman, writer for Revolution newspaper/

The Crisis of Police Violence 

Hector Villagra, Executive Director of the ACLU of Southern California, recently wrote that the US is in the midst of a crisis when it comes to the police and their role in society. There have been over 1000 police killings so far this year. He'll talk about the scope of the problem, and the need to speak and act.

The Student Upsurge

Beginning at the University of Missouri, students have been standing up against longstanding racism, the protests spreading from campus to campus. A new generation is rising up to demand an end to the longstanding, dehumanizing racist outrages that are a reflection of and enforce a system that has denied the humanity of Black people since its inception. At the same time, protests have broken out on many campuses against the extreme economic burden imposed on students. Amina, from the Revolution Club, will talk about this new student movement that is arising and developing.

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