Direct from Gaza! Dr. Asaad Abu Sharkh on the Great March of Return. Ann Wright, Freedom Flotilla 2018, Boats to Gaza. BA, Trump/Pence Must Go

The Great March of Return Courageously Faces Israeli Bullets

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Direct from Gaza - we hear from Dr. Asaad Abu Sharkh, spokesperson for the Great March of Return. From inside the US/Israeli prison that is Gaza, this interview was recorded earlier - under difficult conditions.

For the past two weeks, thousands and thousands of unarmed Palestinians, defying Israeli snipers, tanks, tear gas, and drones, have participated in the Great March of Return at the Gaza-Israel border. They are demanding their right to return to lands stolen from them and an end to the cruel and crippling blockade imposed on them by Israel and Egypt—and to assert their humanity. Israeli soldiers have responded with cold-blooded murder, killing 30 so far, with up to 2500 wounded or injured.  

2018 Gaza Freedom Flotilla Sails Against the Blockade of Gaza, Interview with Ann Wright

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Ann Wright joins us to talk about the 2018 Gaza Freedom Flotilla boats to Gaza. Israel and the US have made Gaza into the world's largest open-air prison. For over a decade, Israel has maintained an inhumane and destructive blockade. The United Nations now says that Gaza will become uninhabitable by the year 2020 because of this Israeli blockade. 

Ann Wright was an ambassador during the administration of George W. Bush, when she resigned in protest of the War in Iraq. Since that time, she has fearlessly worked for peace all over the world, especially in the very countries the US attacked since 2001. She has worked with The Freedom Flotilla Coalition for seven years as they have carried out non-violent direct actions aimed at raising international awareness and putting pressure on the international community to end. These attempts to deliver humanitarian aid have been met with arrests and murder by Israeli forces. 

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Bob Avakian, THE TRUMP/PENCE REGIME MUST GO! In The Name of Humanity, We REFUSE To Accept a Fascist America: A Better World IS Possible!


We'll hear a clip from this important film, and one that's extremely relevant amid all the talk about the "blue wave": Why is it the Democrats can only try to resolve this on the terms of the system? 

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