What It Will Take to Get Free? An Invitation to... MEET THE REVOLUTION

Carl Dix and Sunsara Taylor are on a Winter/Spring 2016 Campus Tour, and will be coming to UCLA on Tuesday, February 16. As the announcement said, "WE are revolutionaries, people who have been fighting this system for decades on the front lines of the struggles against mass incarceration and police brutality, the oppression and degradation of women, the wars carried out by our government, the wanton environmental destruction and the heartless attacks on immigrants. We want to talk with you about the real source of the problems we face, and the real way out of this. What we say will challenge you. We're going to go against a lot of what you think is true... it will not be comfortable. But if you are serious about really changing this world, you have a responsibility to check us out... to BE challenged."

Sunsara Taylor will join us on the radio show to talk about this important tour.

Sunsara Taylor is an ardent follower of Bob Avakian, a fighter for his leadership and the new synthesis of communism he has brought forward, and a revolutionary communist. She writes for Revolution newspaper. She is the key initiator of End Pornography and Patriarchy: The Enslavement and Degradation of Women


Written by Stephen Sachs, Dream Catcher portrays the conflict that arises when the Mojave Desert land destined for a multi-billion dollar solar energy project is found to contain a Native American burial ground. The play deals with questions of science and spirituality, and making the right choice. The director, Cameron Watson, comments, "This play is messy, complicated, volatile and exciting."

We'll sit down with Cameron Watson and actors Elizabeth Frances and Brian Tichnell.