The Michael Slate Show, May 25, 2016

The Morality We Need. Mirjana Karanovic, Director, "A Good Wife," Plus, Bob Avakian, "What If...?"

First, an extended interview from the 2016 Sundance Film Festival with Mirjana Karanovic, about her film, A Good Wife. Mirjana Karanovic is an acclaimed Serbian actress, known for many important roles in Balkan films. Her most memorable role was in Jasmila Zbanic s Gbravica: The Land of My Dreams, for which she won a number of awards and a nomination for the 2006 European Film Award. As a human rights activist, Karanovic won the Winning Of Freedom Award for women promoting human rights, rule of law, democracy, and tolerance. She wrote, directed, and stars in A Good Wife. It's a story set in the period after the horrific slaughter, the ethnic cleansing, the mass gang rapes of women, and other atrocities that accompanied the break-up of Yugoslavia in the 1990s and the wars that followed, including a destructive bombing campaign by the US Imperialists. But as she brings out in the interview, Mirjana Karanovic's film is universal and timely. It forces you to think whether you would risk your happiness and security, and maybe your life, to oppose a wrong that is done to someone you don't even know. Especially for those living in the US, this is a key moral question of our times.

"What If...?"

An excerpt by Bob Avakian, The Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA: "What If...?" from the film "Revolution And Religion, The Fight for Emancipation and the Role Of Religion, A Dialogue Between Cornel West and Bob Avakian," from November, 2014.  

For more information on the film, or to watch it online, go here.