What's at Stake in the World Today: Trevor Timm, Trump and Freedom of the Press; Matt Ruskin, Crown Heights; David Freeman, Charlottesville

Trump's Dangerous Attacks and Threats Against the Press, Journalists and Their Sources


Trevor Timm is a co-founder and the executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation. He is a journalist, activist, and lawyer who writes a weekly column for The Guardian on privacy, free speech, and national security. We talk about the Trump regime and their attacks on the press, including Attorney General Jeff Sessions' recent threats against journalists and their sources. 

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"Crown Heights" Film, the Long Struggle Against a Wrongful Conviction

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We'll speak with Matt Ruskin, writer and director of "Crown Heights," a powerful new film about the case of Colin Warner, a young Black man framed by police for murder and locked up for 20 years -- a story all too common at a time of slow genocide for Black people -- a slow genocide that could easily an all-out genocide. The film also tells the story of Colin's best friend who struggled for decades to bring out the truth. 

David Freeman on Charlottesville and Why "There Are ONLY Two Sides."

Congregate C'Ville August 12

Congregate C'Ville August 12

David Freeman, an activist in North Carolina, was part of Congregate C'Ville, a group of mainly clergy who courageously confronted the Nazis in Charlottesville on August 12. He recently wrote about the role of clergy, antifa and others: "The wrong story is being reported and even Progressives are complicit in perpetuating a false narrative. There are ONLY two sides to this. The White Supremacists with their Republican enablers are the wrong side. Everyone else needs to pull together despite our differences."