July 4 Burn the Flag Coast-to-Coast; The Freeway 9--Why We Blocked the Freeway; "Anne" New Play On Anne Frank

July 4 - Imagine a World Without America - Burn the Flag from Coast to Coast


In Washington DC: At 5 pm on July 4th, Joey Johnson, along with Carl Dix and members of the Revolution Club and the National Revolution Tour burned an American flag within sight of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, in opposition to Trump, his Salute to America, and everything he and America stand for. At the US Mexico border in San Ysidro: The Los Angeles Revolution Club held an Imagine a world without America ceremony at 4 pm on July 4, at the border wall in San Ysidro. We'll get a report from Carl Dix, a representative of the Revolutionary Communist Party.

The Freeway 9 - This Fight Is Not Over!

Freeway 9 curthouse.jpg

The Stakes Are Great for All Those Who Hate This Regime, and Who Wish for a Better World
The trial in Los Angeles of two of the Freeway 9, arrested for protesting the fascist Trump/Pence regime and calling for massive nonviolent sustained mobilization to drive out this regime, just ended in a mistrial. A mistrial, in this instance, is a hung jury that could not agree on any of the charges.

This was an important victory, bringing forward determination of some on the jury to refuse to convict these people of any crime. At the same time, this fight is not over.

We'll hear from the two defendants, Alex and Chantelle, on why they did what they did, and from Annie Day, from the Freeway 9 Defense Committee and The Bob Avakian Institute, on the context of the case and what the Defense Committee will be doing going forward.


Anne, A New Play

A unique play by Dutch playwrights Jessica Durlacher and Leon de Winter, reframes Anne's story through an unconventional lens. In this new adaptation, 13-year-old Anne Frank imagines her life as a young woman - safe in a post-war world. When she meets a publisher who expresses interest in her story, She looks back on the two years she spent hidden away with her family during the Nazi regime. We spoke with two of the actors, Ava Lalezarzadeh (Anne) and Rob Brownstein (Otto Frank), as well as director Eve Brandstein.