Net Neutrality; Slave Rebellion Reenactment; A Radical Revolt Against A Revolting Culture

The Battle to Maintain Internet Freedom

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Corynne McSherry, the Legal Director of Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), joins us to talk about the Trump administration's threat to net neutrality. As she recently explained on the EFF website, the proposed rule changes on the internet by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), "invites a future where only the largest Internet, cable, and telephone companies survive, while every start-up, small business, and new innovator is crowded out"and the voices of nonprofits and ordinary individuals are suppressed." 

Dread Scott, the Slave Rebellion Reenactment


Dread Scott joins us to talk about the Slave Rebellion Reenactment. It is "a community-based performance that will restage and reinterpret Louisianas Revolt of 1811. This was the largest rebellion of enslaved people in North American history and took place outside of New Orleans."

Dread Scott makes revolutionary art to propel history forward. In 1989, the entire US Senate denounced and outlawed his artwork and President Bush declared it disgraceful because of its use of the American flag.

 Resisting The Brainwash " A Radical Revolt Against A Revolting Culture

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At a time of upsurge against the harassment, abuse and assaulting of women in this society, we present an excerpt from the DVD, BA Speaks: Revolution " Nothing Less! Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, talks about Resisting The Brainwash " A Radical Revolt Against A Revolting Culture.