Kate Morgan, The Disappearance of Tens of Thousands of Migrants on the US-Mexico Border; Bob Avakian (BA), Trump/Pence Must Go " Q&A.

The Disappearance of Tens of Thousands of Migrants on the US-Mexico Border


Kate Morgan of No More Deaths, and one of the people who worked on a new report, “Disappeared, How the US Border Enforcement Agencies are Fueling a Missing Persons Crisis.” This report calls attention to a  significant, albeit underreported outcome of contemporary US border policing strategy and practice – the disappearance of tens of thousands of migrants and refugees in the expansive wilderness north of the US-Mexico border. 

Bob Avakian (BA), Trump/Pence Must Go – Q&A


Bob Avakian, the most radical revolutionary on the planet, and architect of the New Communism, from a talk given last autumn, The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go. In The Name Of Humanity, We Refuse To Accept A Fascist America, A Better World IS Possible. We'll hear the Q&A, "Unfortunately, as a Democrat it has long been determined that you vote for the lesser of two evils, right?  Either the Dems or the Republicans.  But it has gotten to the point where both of them are just as worse – one is cancer and one is HIV.  So you don't want to vote for either one of them... I know the system sucks, but what are you supposed to do in the interim? 

"My other question is as a revolutionary Christian, I acknowledge that Christian fundamentalists have been around spewing their venom for many hundreds of years... I believe that we do need this revolution.  I embrace it. But what I need to hear is how can you have other people of any religion so that they would want to embrace it also and not feel alienated because they are 'Christians.'”

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