Fascists Threaten Revolution Books, Which Side Are You On? Bob Avakian, What if...? Plus, Trump Attacks Disabled Migrants

Rafael Kadaris, of Revolution Books, Berkeley, on the Fascist Threats to Attack the Bookstore

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From Revolution Books, Berkeley:

In the last couple years, a bunch of vile know-nothing pro-Trump fascists have repeatedly attacked Revolution Books and even threatened to burn it down! Once again they’re marching on Revolution Books.
The call for their “No to Marxism” protest says, “Revolution Books is a communist anti-American store.” Guilty as charged!

Rafael Kadaris will talk about the threats and the response of Revolution Books and others to these fascists.

Trump's new immigration"public charge" rules -- their impact on the disabled, and their roots in the system of slavery

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On August 14, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) published its final public charge rule. This policy would allow the U.S. government to deny permanent residency and visas to people who rely on or who are “likely to rely on” public benefits for food, housing and medical assistance. We'll discuss the impacts and the roots of these policies with Talila A. Lewis, a community lawyer and consultant.