Raymond Lotta, Casto and Cuba; David Swanson, Why Flag Burning Matters

Raymond Lotta On the Death of Fidel Castro, US Imperialism, and What It's Going to Take to
Liberate Cuba. 

With the death of Fidel Castro and the ascension of the fascist Donald Trump to the presidency, U.S.- Cuba relations will be in flux. Big questions are before the Cuban people, and the people of the world. Raymond Lotta will join us to talk about this. Raymond Lotta is an advocate for Bob Avakian's new synthesis of communism, a political economist, author of America in Decline, and writer for Revolution newspaper. See his article "Re-Colonization in the Name of Normalization: Behind the Re-Establishment of U.S.-Cuba Diplomatic Relations" at revcom.us. 

David Swanson on Why Flag Burning Matters

David Swanson recently wrote, "The national religion of the United States of America is nationalism. Its god is the flag. Its prayer is the pledge of allegiance." He will be talking about about Trump, flag worship, and the murderous drone war.  Read his article here

David Swanson is an author and activist, co-founder and director of World Without War, and author of War No More: The Case for Abolition.