"Building the Wall," a Powerful New Play; Students Stand Up - Howard University, and UC Los Angeles.

Building the Wall, a Powerful New Play about How Quickly it Can Happen Here

 It’s the very near future, and the Trump administration has carried out the round up and detention of millions of immigrants. Now, a writer interviews the supervisor of a private prison as he awaits sentencing for carrying out the federal policy that has escalated into the unimaginable. Building the Wall is a riveting, harrowing and illuminating drama by award-winning playwright Robert Schenkkan. It delivers a powerful warning and puts a human face on the inhuman, revealing how, when personal accountability is denied, what seems inconceivable becomes inevitable.

The play opened at the Fountain Theatre in the first stop in a series of productions set to open across the country as part of the National New Play Network’s rolling world premiere program. We'll talk with Actors Bo Foxworth and Judith Moreland, Director Michael Michetti, and Co-Producer Stephen Sachs. 

Howard Students Protest the University Administration's Collaboration with Trump

Howard University Students are protesting the university’s collaborating with and sucking up to Trump. On February 27, Howard University president Dr. Wayne Frederick and more than 60 other Historically Black College and University (HBCU) leaders, met with top Trump officials, including Betsy DeVos, the education secretary. An official photograph released to the press showed the HCBU officials shamefully smiling and chatting with Trump around his desk. In response, students formed Concerned Students 1867, demanding that the university declare itself a sanctuary campus, institute a Donald Trump ban from all university buildings, and renew its commitment to oppressed peoples, plus several other just demands. We'll speak with Juan Demëtrixx, Howard Student and member of Concerned Students 1867, about the resistance at Howard. 

More Resistance on Campus

Plus, we'll hear from a UCLA student who is part of the campus movement standing up against the fascist Trump/Pence regime.