Joe Veale, To All Those Who Grieve for Nipsey Hussle… and Want a Better World. Plus, Angelo Guisado, ICE attacks on Lawyers, Reporters and Activists

Joe Veale of the Revolution Club on What Really Killed Nipset Hussle, and How Can We Get Free of This Madness?

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Joe Veale of the Revolution Club, the Revolutionary Communist Party and a former member of the Black Panther Party recently wrote, "People are hurting, deeply, over the senseless killing of Nipsey Hussle. They talk about the way he wanted something better for the people and then got senselessly gunned down.

"But what killed Nipsey Hussle?

"Whoever pulled the trigger, Nipsey Hussle was killed by the system. A system that puts oppressed people in brutally raw conditions where they are left to kill each other off in genocidal proportions. Black against Black. Latino against Latino. One against the other. White against Black and Latino." We'll talk with Joe Veale about all this.

Bob Avakian Straight-Up on the Revolution... and the Gangs

We'll hear an excerpt from a recent talk by Bob Avakian, the Chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, and the architect of a new synthesis of communism, the New Communism. The clip is Bob Avakian Straight-Up on the Revolution... and the Gangs, from Why We Need an Actual Revolution, and How We Can Really Make Revolution. 

Center for Constitutional Rights on Retaliation and Government Dossiers on Lawyers, Journalists and Activists at the Southern Border

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The Center for Constitutional Rights (CCR) has exposed and protested the outrageous harassment, intimidation, and physical abuse of lawyers, journalists and human rights activists doing essential work on both side of the U.S.-Mexico border, by ICE and the Department of Homeland Security, at a time when the Trump/Pence regime is violently attacking migrants, denying people the right to apply for asylum, demonizing and terrorizing immigrants, and tearing children – even babies – from their parents. We'll talk with Attorney Angelo Guisado, a Staff Attorney at CCR.