Rise Up October Police Terror Must Stop!


Cadine Williams, sister of O'Shaine Evans, murdered by San Francisco police a year ago, October 7, 2014.

Cadine has been fighting for justice for her brother and all those murdered by police. 

She is organizing for Rise Up October/Which Side Are You On?

We will also hear from Eve Ensler on why she will be Rising Up this October, from a program at Columbia University on October 7.

A Look Back At The Detroit  

Of The 1960's


We'll talk with Director Joy Hooper, of Detroit '67, showing at the Los Angeles Theatre Center from October 1 - 18.

Detroit '67 tells the story of a brother and sister and their struggles against the dehumanization brought down by the system against Black people, and the brutality and murder of the police, all set against the backdrop of the 1967 Detroit Rebellion, with a killer soundtrack of Motown greats.

The Palestine Exception To

Free Speech Report


The Report Documents for the first time a systematic campaign to suppress advocacy for Palestinian human rights, taking place mainly on college campuses. Students and scholars have been targeted, events cancelled and organizations suspended.

We'll hear from Liz Jackson, Staff Attorney of Palestine Legal, and Omar Shakir, Center for Constitutional Rights Bertha fellow, two of the authors of the report, published last month.