Which side are you on?

In 2014, at least 1100 people were killed by police, the highest number on record in the past few decades, according to a new study by the Washington Post and Bowling Green State University. The study also revealed that for every 1000 killed, only one officer is convicted of any kind of crime.

This year to date, at least 897 people have been killed by cops. The question is posed sharply for all of us.

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Rise Up October 

A short video from a Night in Harlem to GET READY for #RiseUpOctober in NYC, October 24, 2015. On August 27, 2015, hundreds packed the First Corinthian Baptist Church (FCBC) in Harlem, New York City.

People of different faith backgrounds are stepping forward to organize for Rise Up October. We'll talk to Rev. Jerome McCorry, a civil rights leader from Dayton, Ohio, and faith coordinator for Rise Up October, about why this is important.

We'll be joined by Gloria Pinex, mother of Darius Pinex and someone who's been speaking out about Rise Up October. We'll talk about the murder of Darius Pinex, including recent revelations of police and prosecutors conspiring to cover it up, and why Rise Up October is so important. Read Criminal Conspiracy by the Chicago PD: How to get away with murder at REVCOM.US

Debra Sweet is the Director of World Can't Wait, and a member of the Steering Committee for Rise Up October/Which Side Are You on? She'll talk about new endorsers, initiatives from students and churches, and the emerging movement for a massive protest on October 24