Author Jason Stanley, "How Fascism Works," Trevor Timm, Freedom of the Press Fdn, on the Arrest of Julian Assange

Jason Stanley, author of How Fascism Works

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In his book, How Fascism Works, Yale professor of philosophy Jason Stanley writes, "The dangers of fascist politics come from the particular way in which it dehumanizes segments of the population. By excluding these groups, it limits the capacity for empathy among other citizens, leading to the justification of inhumane treatment, from repression of freedom, mass imprisonment, and expulsion to, in extreme cases, mass extermination. Genocides and campaigns of ethnic cleansing are regularly preceded by the kinds of political tactics described in this book."

Trevor Timm, executive director of the Freedom of the Press Foundation.on the Indictment of Julian Assange

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Trevor Timm recently wrote, "Assange's indictment is Trump's next step in his war on press freedom." Yet while virtually all the major press freedom and civil liberties organizations denounced the prosecution of Assange, much of the major media are going along with or even cheering the indictment and arrest of the Wikileaks founder. But this escalation of attacks on the press and reporters is part of a dangerous assault on civil liberties.

Trevor Timm lays out why the Assange indictment and Trump's whole war on the press must be opposed.