Lenny Wolff & Tala Deloria, the National Revolution Tour; Amelia Bonow, Shout Your Abortion; Bob Avakian, Male Supremacy & Capitalism

The Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour


We'll be hearing from two participants in the Get Organized for an Actual Revolution Tour, Tala Deloria, a member of the Los Angeles Revolution Club, and Lenny Wolff, a veteran communist and fighter for the new communism of Bob Avakian.
The call for the tour begins, You think you're woke, but you're sleepwalking through a nightmare. This system cannot be reformed, it must be overthrown.
Next, we'll hear Bob Avakian, BA, the chairman of the Revolutionary Communist Party, on Male Supremacy: Stitched Together With Capitalism, from his most recent film, Why we need an actual revolution, and How we can really make revolution.

Amelia Bonow, Shout Your Abortion

Abortion is Freedom.jpg

And an interview with Amelia Bonow, co-founder of Shout Your Abortion, on fighting the stigma imposed on women who choose to have an abortion.